Woe is me! But also? Whoa is me!

Let’s see.

I fell face first into the bushes while trying to adjust the outdoor lighting.

But also? I went to a party that didn’t end until a woman was tied up and blindfolded! (She volunteered.)


I migrained the past three days away and was unable to attend a concert with my sister—a concert I’ve been looking forward to for months.

But also? This evening I went to a guided meditation session with a new friend and it was exactly what I wanted and needed.


I discovered that my new favorite comfort food is lentils with pickles and crackers.

But also? I discovered that my new favorite comfort food is lentils with pickles and crackers!


The past week has been a bit of a jerk. This week will be better because it will include a waffle and a haircut.

I will never sing like Patti Lupone. I will never sing like Lil Uzi Vert. I will never be an Olympian. (Have I ever told you about the time I competed in the Beer Olympics? My event involved lapping beer from a frisbee like a dog. I did not earn medals or respect that night.)

I’ve been writing a short story about a girl who may have had a little too much gin while hanging out in a stable on Christmas night. (It is not autobiographical.)

I’ll try to be back soon. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

6 thoughts on “Woe is me! But also? Whoa is me!”

  1. I really can’t decide what intrigues me most about this post; it’s a toss-up between the paws-up dog, and the mysterious pickle & lentil dish. But I sure am sorry you’re still being plagued by those darn migraines!!

  2. PS – I read this post after commenting on the other pickles + lentils post. (still not sold…). Sorry abt the migraines, yuck. I had a neuro appt this week and got some new and interesting suggestions… we’ll see. Hoping your head has cleared. xoxo

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