50 Cent Words in Your Backhanded Love Song


I could be pregnant in this shirt. OR, I could sit on a bale of hay and pose with a pumpkin on my lap (and a baby in my uterus?) in this shirt. I could stretch out on a taupe blanket in the grass and drink wine (sans baby, OBVIOUSLY) and eat apple slices and cheese on a crisp fall day in this shirt with maybe a copy of The Night Circus at my side and the leaves are orange and yellow and red and maybe Andrew Bird shows up with a guitar and a slide whistle and he asks me to sing Left Handed Kisses with him, and of course I will. Of course I will.

What bothers me just slightly is that I could sell paper towels for truly tough messes in this shirt.


I’m on the fence (as they say) with this shirt, but the fact that it matches our back porch and has pockets is making me lean toward the pile of Keep It. My phone fits in one of those pockets. My keys fit in the other.

Do you remember this poncho? It’s coming along very nicely, and B is for Buckethead.


My website was hacked, hacked again, and then hacked again. (Do people still use the word Hacked?) At one point I said, “You know, maybe I’m just done with Fluid Pudding.” I then realized that Fluid Pudding turned 17 on September 19 and I’ve never done anything for 17 years, so I may as well carry on. Right? Right. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

16 thoughts on “50 Cent Words in Your Backhanded Love Song”

  1. I think the same about Cootiehog sonetimes, but I continue on nonetheless. If you quit, I’ll have to quit because I know you have MANY more readers than I do!!

  2. Please keep on keeping on.. (Lord that’s a terrible turn of phrase)

    I dream that one day, maybe, we will both be at a sheep and wool sort of event, and we can sit down, and compare projects while eating cinnamon rolls and drinking something delicious.

  3. A. I’m in favor of carrying on, but I won’t be the one doing the work, so my input may not be terribly useful to you.
    B. I’m in favor of women being Brawny.
    C. I’m in favor of plaid and pockets.
    D. I’m strongly in favor of yellow loafers. Where might one find yellow loafers, if one wanted to emulate one of one’s favorite blog authors?

  4. Ohh, yes keep it going! I love reading your site. Also that top is dope. It’s comfy, cute and POCKETS! Two thumbs up. Where did those shoes come from? I love them.

  5. You would be missed because, really, no other blogger I have read is remotely like you. Hope you carry on. Best wishes, : )

  6. Yippee I can comment again! I was left out in the cold last week. So glad your blog is back up and you didn’t give it the old heave ho!

    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to youuuuuu, Happy birthday dear Fluuuid Pudddinggg. Happy Birthday to you. 17 years, wow !

    In blog terms this is vintage. Up there with Lileks.com, which is another website I adore along with Secret agent Josephine who I love. Please don’t go FP.

    Have you begun the Night Garden yet? I have a copy I need to crack open ( and a pile of other books).

    Your shirt looks comfy , perfect for autumn, I’ve recent joined the cool kids and bought a pair of very roomy dungarees. I’m loving them its like being in pJ’s all day.

    Promise to comment more. xxx

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