2 thoughts on “This is Saturday.”

  1. I thought it was poached pears with a side of caramel sauce … then looked again and, more prosaically, decided it was probably sauté-ed potato slices with something which – hopefully – ISN’T caramel sauce!
    What it takes to get your faithful readers to come across from their Feedly to comment, eh?
    Love, love, love your writing; also your piano playing.

  2. You know – we love us some deep fried whatever in MN, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen these. Granted – they are not on a stick – but that is not a mandatory feature so I am really wondering how we’ve missed them so far. Are they crispy like a chip, or more like a french fry? (And when you said ribboned potatoes I really was thinking of spiral cut fries like they have at Arby’s – so clearly this food was until this moment completely outside my sphere of food awareness! Wow!

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