I got a castle in Brooklyn. That’s where I dwell.

So THIS is boring: I couldn’t get into Fluid Pudding AGAIN this morning because someone went in and changed my password. Again. It keeps happening and happening. Just like everything else, really. Sun up. Sun down. Chili making sock knitting son of a gun. (I’ve been listening to the Beastie Boys Book. It’s possibly the most entertaining audio book I’ve heard. I’m cruising, I’m bruising, I’m never ever losing. I’m in my car I’m going far and dust is what I’m using.)

This guy has been an only child for years.

Today I started birthing his brother.

Also, I’ve been watching Friends from College on Netflix and working on this guy. (It’s double knit, which is a new skill for me. I’ll keep you updated as it grows and changes color.)

SPEAKING of FRIENDS from COLLEGE, Tempe and I will be boarding a plane in the wee hours of the morning and flying to Denver where we will breakfast (as a verb) with one of my favorite friends from college before driving to Kansas City for the night. (How can anyone pass up a $49 flight to Denver?) I have three protein bars and glitter eyeliner. I’ll be back home in about 30 hours.

Finally, I have a friend who owns a Comfy, so now I own a Comfy, too. Any time the temperature drops below 32, I go a little something like this:


I got this dance that’s more than real.
I wear my Comfy, here’s how I feel.
Put your left leg down. Your right leg up.
Tilt your head back. Let’s finish the cup.

3 thoughts on “I got a castle in Brooklyn. That’s where I dwell.”

  1. You funky monkey!

    I bought that same pillow after seeing it on your webpage a few years ago. Or maybe I had it already and noticed you had it, too. I cannot recall because I’m tired.

    Safe travels!

  2. I learned how to knit (ok, well, purl – technically I knew the knit stitch already) in a double knitting class! I learned more in that class than in the year or so I tried to learn to knit!

    Next up – socks :D

    Funnily, i figured knitting would be ‘easy’ to learn since i taught myself to crochet in a week… not so much!

  3. Holy shit. How have I never heard of the Comfy? And why did I not hear about it before Xmas? It would have taken care of gifts for the whole fam damily – from my 9 year old kid to my 81 year old dad. Not sure if I can hold out till next year to hoard some of these! What a glorious invention – thanks for sharing.

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