It’s Saturday and I just wanted to say Hello.

Let’s just act like none of this is happening, okay? NO! It’s not okay. AND, to the people who are all like, Ho-dee-ho, I’m gonna live my life the way I want because none of this is as bad as it seems and I have hand sanitizer in my car so I’ll see you in church on Easter! well, I can barely type right now because I’m shaking my head SO HARD in your direction, and if I wasn’t afraid that you might contaminate me, I would try to fistfight you.

I finished my cardigan and I love it, so there is joy in the cardigan.


All the boring stuff is in this paragraph: My website was hacked earlier this week and I couldn’t log in, so I’ve been without access and my host was like, Sorry, CHUMP, and I (ONCE AGAIN) got mopey and said, “Let it die because I no longer want to deal with this because woe is me.” But then Jeff said, “Let’s just see what else we can do because I’m always optimistic.” So, this morning I paid $200 damn dollars to get my website fixed and keep it protected for the next year and why in the hell does anyone want to take me down? Why does this keep happening? Am I not harmless? Any bug who finds their way into our house is kindly escorted out! It’s all such crap, but it’s also so tiny and unimportant.

Please support your local businesses.

This is my new favorite shirt. It was purchased during the isolation days.


I taught myself to crochet a circle during the isolation days.


I’ve been tuning in for church services during the isolation days.


I’ve knit 1/12 of a linen cardigan during the isolation days. (Knitters: It is two pieces—one for each side. Each piece goes up the sleeve and then divides for front and back. Oh, this world.)


Does anyone need anything from me?

7 thoughts on “It’s Saturday and I just wanted to say Hello.”

  1. I am loving that cardigan and wishing that I was a more adventurous knitter. I’m really unhappy with the people who are acting like this whole “virus thing” is blown out of proportion.
    I really like that shirt? and I can’t wAit to see how that new sweater comes together. Can you share the pattern name? As for crocheting, I don’t enjoy it. I’m glad that you do. I pretty much stopped crocheting once I learned how to knit. I prefer the process of knitting and the finished product.

  2. Hello from Andalucía, Spain. Glad you’re back, and with a FABULOUS cardigan.
    And that T-shirt rocks.

  3. How did I let your blog go unread for over a week? Sheer neglect and obsession with covid-19. Mea culpa. And I love your shirt?

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