We all light candles for different reasons.


Today is a good day for everyone who voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
I know it’s not such a good day for those who didn’t.
(You probably know that today is a good day for me and my family.)
((A few of you also know that I have never said the words President and Trump together. I never will. I will also never say the words “National Treasure” and “Mariah Carey” together.))

The next few months and maybe even years are going to be rough, but I also know we all want what’s best. Some of us just have a different idea of what “best” means and how to get there.

I hope I live to see the day when things don’t get ugly during election season. The past few months have been shitty.
More importantly, I hope I live to see the day when Every American is willing to fight for Every American without exception.
Also, the day when Every American is supportive and welcoming to those who are trying so hard to become American citizens.

Let’s make the best of this, regardless of how the day has gone for you.

(Full disclosure: Four years ago when Trump was elected, I was all, “fuck Fuck FUCK!” so I totally understand the people who are rolling their eyes at what I wrote up there. I get it.)

5 thoughts on “We all light candles for different reasons.”

  1. I’m also feeling very hopeful. Watching Biden and Harris speak tonight amplified the differences between the present and the future administrations. And bonus – no fact checkers were needed!

  2. I so appreciate your non-gloating post about this election and the old man who will soon be in the White House. I have suspended all my social media accounts because it makes me upset and it’s not worth it. It is true that we all want what’s best for our country, and also true that we all have ideas and beliefs to make it that way. I love the scene from the West Wing where Ainsley Hayes says “The people that I have met have been extraordinarily qualified, their intent is good. Their commitment is true, they are righteous, and they are patriots.” I can say that about most Democrats. I hope you can say the same about most Republicans.

  3. This is one of the moments where I am so proud to be a Democrat I could bust. Joe Biden has only been a gracious, honest, hard working, forward looking, inclusive leader. If anyone can lead us out of the mess we’re in, it’s President Joe Biden. *I love the scene in your photo.

    1. Many people believe everything the candidate tells them about who they are. Look beyond that for the truth. You may not recognize it even when it is shown on national television and papers because you have settled on a candidate for your own reasons. People on the other side could be very much like you, focused on getting to work (in their pajamas) trying to be a good parent, pay the taxes, mortgage, wait in a food line, fight depression with no place to go and lipstick is a waste of time. They despair with zip for a social life while they take a restless toddler to yet another doctor’s appointment. They could be just like you and not at all rich like most of the candidates………….and with few people they can share this with. They seriously question Hunter Biden’s motivations, as well as something Angela will never understand as an ethical writer, Joe’s plagiarism. His failure to speak out against the violent riots in major cities is worrying. Most Americans don’t feel safe or trust a leader who lets riots (by their de facto soldiers- Antifa and the violent arm of BLM) continue. They may be Democrat and hate Trump’s egotism and sometimes loose way of talking about women while in the company of a man who is encouraging said talk for a scoop. They may ignore Biden’s below- the- skirt- grope of an innocent intern and the scathing insult to the young woman he characterized as “dog-faced” in front of a chuckling crowd of admirers. They will ignore every good thing Trump’s done, including getting a far better deal for us out of China. He went to war against ONE country as opposed to the seven countries Obama attacked. Black jobs got a serious boost under the current president and exit polls show this was appreciated in black communities. The stock market was booming before Covid and no governor or national leader anywhere has gotten a lasting handle on this virus. A divided house cannot stand……….Covid weakens the body and communism weakens the body politic. And. Communism. Is. Alive. And. Well. ………in the good ole’ USofA….. Pray. There is only good with that.

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