October. Knock sober. Mock crowbar. Make no war.

This morning after writing a song about a porcupine, I went outside with Henry and noticed mushrooms growing on our back deck. I know four people who might tell me that “mushrooms growing on our back deck” is not an event to be celebrated. Those are the four people I pity, because they will never see the emergence of a magical woodland scene right outside their back door. It was foggy, the droplets of water on the pine branches were glowing, and does anyone know how many mushrooms it takes to summon the benevolent fairies?

Meredith moved out on August 18 and is making the most of her time at college.

Harper had an amazing tennis season that ended with many more wins than losses.

I grew some facial hair and am knitting a scarf that has dreams of becoming pants. (Knitters are killers of dreams.)

The internet (Are we still capitalizing that word? I think I just decided to not.) is a horrible beast that ruins the ability to concentrate and makes everyone feel 37% shittier about themselves. Because I don’t want to contribute to that rosy scene, please know that the past few months have also seen us struggling with physical and mental health stuff, we suffered a fruit fly infestation that led to me throwing food across the room, and a mosquito bit me on the chest and created a scar that is not going away. I’m not sleeping well, I don’t drink enough water, and this morning I accidentally stepped on one of the cats and he is still holding a grudge. (Also, we have mushrooms growing on our back deck.) Feel better?

Always end on a good note: Last month saw the arrival of a mysterious bearded chanteuse. (Am I the only person in the world who can say those words and mean them?) The box was addressed to me, I have no idea who sent her, and she is perched on my bookshelf just waiting for the perfect name, which may end up being Joy. She brings it, and it suits her.

9 thoughts on “October. Knock sober. Mock crowbar. Make no war.”

  1. I love my chipmunks in my yard that I’m supposedly supposed to hate.

    I’m in a very on-again off-again relationship with the internet and social media.

  2. I so love reading your writing.

    About the not sleeping thing – I heard some Scientist Dude™ on a podcast yesterday who said a secret of good sleep is to go outside for 10-30 minutes in the morning (no phone allowed) and also in the evening right before sunset. Somehow it resets your body clock and lets it know “Hey, this is the day length, get ready to sleep.” I sat outside with a blankie this morning for 10 minutes exactly. I will let you know how I sleep.

  3. I hear you. The internet has destroyed by concentration to the point that commenting seems like long form writing. I’m trying to take some of that back but it is difficult. I feel like we may be in similar places and I wish us both peace, good health and good sleep. On a totally different note, I’ve been curious about the lens hood Meredith was using in that photo. I don’t see them often (not that I’m a professional) and am curious, was she using because it was a bright day? Does she leave it on? Was she avoiding lens flare?

  4. I think the facial hair really suits you. My Animal Crossing villager is constantly wearing both a dress and a moustache, it’s what she wants so that’s what I give her and she is always the cutest.

  5. Yay Mushroom Fairy Circles. Yay Meredith. I would name her Lettie Lutz after the Bearded Lady in the Greatest Showman. She looks like a Lettie to me! (I have decided that Lettie is short for Marlette, btw).

  6. Effing fruit flies. I have sealed up every single piece of perishable food in my house, I have dumped various concoctions down my drain, and I have made little apple cider vinegar/dish soap traps and still, STILL I have 2 or 3 of them just hanging out around my sink. I viscerally hate them.

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