Here. Give me three minutes.

It’s November, which means I need to grow a moustache (I’m 52 and my uterus is gone, so it might not be as crazy as it sounds.) or dust off Fluid Pudding. Can you believe this website turned 21 when we weren’t looking? I can. (Time’s not weird unless you make it weird. Let’s not make it weird.)

I have a friend in Denver who once encouraged me to search for joys. What follows are a few of my joys from the past several weeks.

A friend and I went out for tacos and a Dinosaur Jr. show. I went to the show not knowing much about them, but when I left? I was their biggest fan. (Okay. I may have been under an influence which led me to accuse someone of sex trafficking during the show, but it had nothing to do with the music and it ended up not being true. Lesson Learned: Be careful when you’re accusing someone of sex trafficking.) Look! I got a shirt!


I’m knitting lace again. I’m hoping to finish it in the next few weeks, so it’s probably safe for you to hold your breath.


I saw Death Cab for Cutie and they were just what I needed them to be. (Ben Gibbard is a genius and he spends a lot of time running backwards without being scared of falling and their new album is pretty great and I didn’t feel the need to accuse anyone of sex trafficking.) Look! I got a shirt!


Meredith adopted a cat. His name is Sasuke and he’s the perfect cat son for her. Look at his sweet dopey dog face!


Finally, I went from this:


To this:


There is no shortage of cross tattoos in this world. Perhaps what we really need are a few more cats in spacesuits. Let it begin with me.

12 thoughts on “Here. Give me three minutes.”

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for almost its whole life! Your writing encourages me so much; you help me to feel like it’s okay to be my weird self.

  2. Can I be your new best friend? I need someone to go to concerts with and to teach me how to knit lace. I also wouldn’t mind someone coming with me for my next tattoo. Wish you lived closer.

    1. How fun would that be?! How far are you from StL? If you’re within a few hours, you can count me in on the tattoo!

    1. I love that you’re still reading it. (I remember you and I were reading a lot of the same ones, many of which have faded away…)

  3. Oh gosh; I am practically speechless! (Which, for me, does not happen often, and I can already tell is not actually happening now after all) What are the odds that in the middle of a road trip, when I finally figured out how to get connected to the motel WiFi, the very first thing that showed up is this fabulous news. (Oh, wait — that was a question. I’ve even forgotten how to punctuate blog comments!)

    Could this possibly mean what I think it might?

    (I dare not call it NoMoBlahPo any more because the last time I did that you quit on us. )

    If you can do it, I can do it, Angela! I hereby commit to commenting every day for a month. Hold me to it, Sister!

    If you write it, we will read!


    1. Roadtrip!
      Not sure I’ll be writing every day, but I’m definitely going to come around more often. I miss it!
      I’ll be watching for you…

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