Tell me what you know about nutty buddies.

The day is only half over, and the following things have happened:

1. I was trapped in my garage when a stranger’s truck broke down in my driveway.
2. I met a friend for coffee and knitting.
3. We got a pool for the puppies!
4. Harper said, “I think the middle finger is the longest because it’s the most helpful.” Darwinism!
5. The dead man in our front yard was not so dead after all! Good news! (Believe me, with our house history, the odds are against us having a dead person in the front yard. Talk to my neighbor. (The cranky one.) She’ll tell you why.)

Next up? I’m going to do a few decreases on my sweater sleeve, I’m meeting a friend for a dinner that will include fig marmalade, and I’ll be returning to a house full of fresh fruits and vegetables from the co-op. (Today is making up for yesterday. We lost power for about four and a half hours yesterday, and although it wasn’t terrible, it DID prevent me from making zucchini bread. Also, the outside temperature was 100 degrees, which is 37.7 degrees Celsius. I didn’t smile very much yesterday.)

Bonus: I just ate a salad full of dried cranberries and walnuts, and I’m currently enjoying a bowl of grapes while the girls snack on Bomb Pops! Bomb Pops!

I would like this shirt.

Also, this shirt.

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9 thoughts on “Tell me what you know about nutty buddies.”

  1. The insight associated with #4 marks your child as possibly the next reincarnation of some holy person that will lead people to enlightenment. Don’t tell her that, though. It’ll just give her a big head.

    I’ll be sending that ‘herbivore’ shirt to people, plural.

  2. Yes, please. More on #5 as I am inclined to live in places where the dead man on the lawn usually IS dead.

  3. I too have been trapped in my garage, but not by someone whose car had broken down, but by someone who was clearly tripping (as it turned out, on bath salts)…and stripping (as in nekked) and the possibility that the guy lying in my yard might just be dead. Life is an adventure, and there are many tales to tell. Love yours!

  4. Love the herbivore shirt! And on the site with T-Flex, I’m dyin’ over the Robster the Lobster shirt. My husband might be getting that one!

  5. AAACK–37.7 degrees. That’s disgusting! We had 35 degrees and that was more than enough for me. The humidity on top of that made it feel like 43 degrees. Today, however, it is a high of 25 degrees with a breeze and possible showers. I could handle the remainder of the summer staying like this.

    I would like some zucchini bread, with a handful or two of chocolate chips thrown in please. yum!

    Your power hopefully has remained working–not happy without it on this end either!

    Happy Monday!

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