My hair is still growing, and I have a strategy!

I’m sitting in the kitchen drinking tea and waiting for a guy to show up to talk to me about a thing.

After he leaves, the girls and I will be taking Scout and Henry to meet a new friend who just might watch them the next time we leave town. (After the bad boarding experience we had in the spring, I have become the jerk who refuses to leave town ever again unless I’m absolutely sure the dogs will be treated with respect. This afternoon I will decide if my suitcase comes upstairs or stays in the basement.)

When we return to the house, another guy is going to show up to take some money and talk a little more about another thing.

I don’t have much to report, because most of the past week has been spent stomping around in the mundanities. I bought what I think is a cute dress for an October wedding, and it’s too small. I need to lose two inches from around my rib cage for the zipper to zip. I have three months to make this happen, so I’m not terribly stressed out. I’m still doing the running thing, but I’m reluctant to sing about that too much. Just know that week four begins tomorrow morning at six, and I’m not feeling very confident. (Week Four suggests that I run four minutes, walk two minutes, run six minutes, walk three minutes, and then run four minutes again. Yesterday morning I reached the point where I could run three minutes without feeling like my heart was going to explode. The “run six minutes” thing will be tomorrow’s Eleanor Roosevelt “Do one thing every day that scares you” event.)

Tomorrow evening I’ll be eating fancy food and then watching a movie about a stripper. Eleanor Roosevelt!

This is what I did last night:

Preparing for the Tour de Fleece...

I don’t spin nearly as much as I should. When I’m downstairs spinning, I achieve a pretty amazing level of relaxation. My shoulders drop down from their normal location (they spend most of the day reaching for my ears), I lose track of time, and suddenly I have a bobbin filling up with yarn. I’m fully convinced that everyone needs something like this.

This evening I’ll be preparing a silk/merino blend for the Tour de Fleece. (It runs parallel with the Tour de France. Everyone spins their wheels. I’m not an official participant, but I do need to start spinning more regularly.)

Lisa Souza Silk/Merino Top "Shave Ice"

I’ve been baking zucchini bread and reading Nick Hornby and listening to Fiona Apple and putting the first sleeve on my Acer. I’ve been thinking about taking a writing class or joining a writing group or just simply writing. You can’t be a baker unless you bake. You can’t be a runner unless you run. And so forth. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “My hair is still growing, and I have a strategy!”

  1. I also do not spin as much as I should. I don’t have a wheel, just 2 spindles. Every once in a while, I get the urge to take a class about spinning on a wheel, but then I would WANT a wheel and I can’t afford that.

    (I put together an Ashford Joy at work a few weeks ago. That did nothing to scratch the itch.)

  2. Courtesy of Lawrence Block: “If you want to write fiction, the best thing you can do is take two aspirins, lie down in a dark room, and wait for the feeling to pass. If it persists, you probably ought to write a novel.”

    I think this is true of all writing . . .

  3. You do in fact write! You’ve been writing this blog for quite a few years now and are consistently funny.

    I’ve thought about writing, too, but I don’t even have a blog. My intention to write is purely theoretical and seems to be based on liking to read, which I don’t even do that as much as I used to.

  4. You can do it with the running!!! My goal last night was to ride 2 miles on my bike, and I rode 4.8 miles!! The last 3/4 of a mile or so, I had Chris Powell (from ABC’s Extreme Makeover, Weight Loss Edition) in my head telling me that I *can* do this, and I did. I started crying when we hit the driveway at home again, because I couldn’t believe I had actually done it. Now, my butt hurts today like no one’s business, but I’m going to try and go 6 miles tomorrow morning when I get off work.

  5. I loved A Long Way Down and Juliet Naked, but I can’t get into Slam. And that’s a shame because I found it at a dollar store and wanted it to be my best purchase ever.

  6. My version of the couch to 5K is to start water “aerobics” with the old ladies at our JCC. I can see how a 5K might get you further, faster but I am hoping that I can graduate to the deep water class and approach fitness eventually. I have too many injuries to do anything but the lowest impact, but then again, I am too lazy as well so perhaps that is the bigger limiting factor. :) Good luck with the running!

    Maybe with the writing you could start with some short stories. It seems like you could translate whatever writing rituals and schedules you have for the blog into short story writing time.

    That yarn is beautiful, maybe you could call it Pudding blue.

    Do you have a vegan zucchini bread recipe?

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