Puppies & Lettuce & Inspiration Worthy of a Wrist

On Friday afternoon, I received a message from the woman who brought Scout into our lives. She asked if we would be willing to foster three 6-week-old puppies for the next few weeks. We are willing.

S'More, Beethoven, and Brownie.

Beethoven. 5 weeks old.


Sometimes in life you might suddenly end up having a baby in the house and the baby wakes you up at night and it sucks to have to stand up and move but then you see the baby’s face and suddenly the suck fades away. Welcome to our bathtub of puppies and their q4h checks.

If puppies aren’t your thing, please admire my lettuce.


I actually ate a salad from my garden last week, and it wasn’t great, but it also wasn’t bad. Our garden is slowly growing, and someday this summer I’ll be making a batch of guacamole using nothing but ingredients that are hanging out in my back yard.

A few weeks back (May 8th, if you need specifics), I asked Jeff and the girls if they needed birthday ideas for me. They did. I pointed them toward a bracelet that I was loving on Etsy. The next day, Meredith told me that they tried to order the bracelet, but it had sold on May 7th.

Knowing that it was no longer available, I began to obsess about the bracelet. (I tend to do that.) I checked the shop at least once per day and BANG! Last week the artist listed the bracelet again. Less than 24 hours later, as if by fate, I received a birthday check in the mail from my in-laws for around the same amount as the bracelet. (Are you bored with this story? Sometimes I just type and type and the only person who’s really into it is me.) Anyway, I didn’t use the birthday check to buy the bracelet because I had a lunch gig planned with my college roommate on Sunday, and we were planning on going to an art fair. I didn’t want to spend cash on the bracelet and then NOT buy something from a local artist. (I’m like that.) In the back of my mind? “If I don’t find anything at the art fair, that bracelet is mine on Monday.”

Yesterday afternoon, my roommate (who is no longer my roommate, but I like to keep anonymity alive and kicking) handed me a box and said, “There are two reasons why you may not want to keep this, but, Happy Birthday!”


It’s the bracelet. My friend (the one I ran into back in April) found me on Facebook, had somehow followed a few links to find my Etsy favorites, and had chosen the bracelet because it seemed to be my style. She had no idea that I had been thinking about it and visiting the link for over a week. (She was the person who had purchased it on May 7th.) This is the sort of weirdness that I love and the fact that this bracelet has now found its way to my wrist makes me ridiculously giggly, which really isn’t my style. (Have you ever heard me giggle? You have not.) But there you go.

Hey. Do you remember a few months back when I was knitting a shawl for Virginia’s auction? The auction is now live and it’s here and it has only two more days before it’s over, so please consider visiting and supporting my friend. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

10 thoughts on “Puppies & Lettuce & Inspiration Worthy of a Wrist”

  1. First of all you had me at puppies! And then…and then the story of the bracket! I live for synchronicities like that….

  2. Okay, inquiring minds (mine) want to know the two reasons she thought you may not want to keep it! :-) And I was confused by the check in the mail for around the same price as the bracelet. I thought Jeff and the kids bought it, then I thought you bought a second one, then I thought Etsy returned the money on one of them…. (I’m not very swift.) And then I thought one of the reasons your roommate didn’t think you’d want to keep it was because your family bought you one too. I’ve clearly overthunk this. I really should stop typing now.

  3. Puppies! Yes. Just don’t let them romp around your spinning wheel and/or yarn. You knew that.

    Your lettuce is beautiful. I don’t know why you think your salad wasn’t great. Figure that out.

    The bracelet. What a story. I knew when you ran into your old roommate and connected like it was just yesterday that you were swigging wine and talking about boys that it would come to this. ‘Twas Kismet. O.Henry would love the saga of the bracelet. I know I do.

  4. I wish I had a life-style that was puppy friendly – they are so darling.
    The bracelet is lovely and you have such great friends.
    Also produce from your own garden is the most delicious food ever. My parents had fruit trees and berry bushes nothing will ever taste that good.

  5. Adoring the puppy pictures. And that’s a very unique bracelet – I quite like it!

    May I ask what day of May is your birthday? I share a May date as well – Happy Birthday to a fellow lily-of-the-valley emerald Taurus!

  6. No! The puppies! The horror! Someday someone will come and take them away and you’ll go through cuteness withdrawal. It’s a dreadful fate, some people can’t endure it without infusions of rainbows and unicorns.

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