Rest in Peace, Little Bug

School is out for the summer, which means I’m entering Vacation Preparation Mode. It looks like we’ll be taking the girls to see the ocean for the very first time this summer, and although I’m terribly excited, I’m also a little stressed about The Packing of Things and making sure all arrangements have been made as far as pets/house/mail goes. Obviously, I know that if we forget to take something, we can either go without or get a replacement. The only thing I REALLY need to worry about? Pets.

Speaking of pets, do you remember the foster puppies (pets by proxy) who are prancing in my pathtub? (Sometimes you try to go for alliteration and you can’t come up with a P word for bathtub and although Pub sounds really good for many different reasons right now, you eventually just need to loosen your shorts and use your license.)

The remainder of today’s entry is all about the puppies. You can skip right over it if puppies aren’t your thing. Also, please know that I’m turning off comments because if even one person says something like, “It’s only a DOG!” I might start feeling my heart beating in my eyes, and I’m not in the mood for that today.

One of the three puppies (Bug aka Brownie aka Pansy) had to go back to my friend less than twelve hours after coming to our house. She was a tiny little bird who never showed much interest in food, and was getting a little wobbly and lethargic. That was Saturday evening. Since then, sweet Bug has had a blood transfusion, has received a unit of plasma, was on an IV drip, and I found out this morning that she passed away yesterday evening.

Here she is (the light brown pup) with her siblings. Her head is resting on S’more, and Beethoven is telling them jokes to pass the time.

The Siblings

Here she is after receiving a unit of blood at the vet office.


One more. Here she is visiting with S’more for a bit after they hadn’t seen each other in a few days. The photo is pretty lousy. What it doesn’t show is how S’more was cleaning her sister’s ears and licking her face and really wanting to play and it shattered my heart.

Bug and S'more

(Please know that I took the long way home from the vet that night because this song shuffled onto my iPod, and it turned me into one of those people who probably shouldn’t drive due to a pair of leaky eyes. Sometimes I think my iPod Just Knows.)

Argh. We’re entering a three day weekend and I’m the sloppy bummer sitting in the back of the room wearing a dirty t-shirt and holding a tub of maple syrup.



This is Beethoven. Sleeping on the couch like a puppy. Because that’s what he is and that’s what he does.

Beethoven spent the whole day working on his 9th. Conked.

This morning I went in and told Beethoven and S’more about their sister and then I gave them a plate of cheesy scrambled eggs and we sat for a bit before they conked out. Sad day.

(I’ll try to do better before the weekend is up.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>