More of exactly the same!

At approximately 2:07 this morning, I ordered a bottle of lavender essential oil from Amazon. I have no memory of submitting this order. The last time something like this happened was when I entertained a bit of morphine after my hysterectomy which led to ordering a book about Milton Hershey because I apparently thought it might be something Harper would enjoy. (And she DID, which means that even when I’m on drugs, I KNOW MY KIDS, Officer!)

I haven’t mentioned this, but Jeff has been out of town every other week for the past few months and I HATE IT. He’s out of town today which means it’s not really Superbowl Sunday as much as it’s just Sunday. (The girls and I *did* go to the store a few minutes ago to buy a huge cookie cake and a tray of vegetables to eat during the game. I’m not completely devoid of spirit. (True Story: I have no idea who is playing in the Superbowl. I know.))

The albatross known as Freelance is still underway. This morning I hit the Only Ten Chapters To Go mark, which felt HUGE. The end will come this week. On a related note, Project Don’t Forget to Do the Things You Love is also underway.

This week I turned this:


Into this:


And it eventually became this:


Also, I blocked the Honey Cowl that I finished last week:


I talked to one of my favorite people from high school a few days back and his fiancée is a knitter so I decided to spin some yarn for her. It’s all bamboo and silk and la la laaaah, which means it’s the perfect yarn for a bride. (You know it’s true.)


Finally, I’m ready to do the final dance that will turn this asymmetrical vest into the cardigan that it’s meant to be. (Fitting a sleeve into a sleeve hole is terrifying if you’re me. Honestly, that weird heart thing that happened in December? It happened shortly after the first sleeve was installed. I have no idea if the two events are related.)


I’m a chapter away from finishing The Hotel New Hampshire, and all I want is for Franny to be happy.

It’s all I want for anyone, really. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

10 thoughts on “More of exactly the same!”

  1. Oh, wait until a week that Jeff is in town and reward yourself for finishing that freelance job by dotting some of that lavender oil on your nose and get that second sleeve in. That’s a lovely sweater! And then lay on the couch with a book and some tea because you totally deserve it.

  2. I have a very new-agey friend who rubs lavender oil on the bottoms of her feet for stress relief. When we were in a bridal party together, she got everyone to sit on the floor and do it together before the ceremony, and it really did make me feel calmer. Also, those yarns you’ve spun are leading me into temptation, especially, ironically, the cathedral. Beautiful!

  3. That yarn is beautiful! (So is the cowl, but I’m a knitter, not a spinner, so spinning impresses me more.) And of course fancy yarn you spun is a good gift for the knitterly bride. Knitters understand.

  4. The cowl is beautiful! Seahawk colors. Go hawks…I’m from Seattle now live in Olympia.
    I was wondering how long you have been spinning? Did you take lessons.?

  5. Honey cowls are the greatest. And Irving books are always propulsively involving and also weird.

  6. I know what you mean about things being a bit out of kilter when all four Puddings aren’t in the house. Good that you have things you love (two fine girls being top of the list) to keep you busy while he’s away. Look at all the spinning you’ve been getting done!

    Yay for nearing completion of the freelance work, etc. etc. etc. But that cardigan is just the most beautiful thing in the world. Stunning. And you are adorable in it, whether you decide to leave it with one sleeve or go ahead and attach the other one. That’s just the prettiest little sweater I think I’ve ever seen.

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