The worst NaBloPoMo entry of the month is right here.

If it wasn’t NaBloPoMo, today would be one of those days that I would stay far away from Fluid Pudding.

I have nothing to report.

We went to church this morning, and someone complimented my fingerless gloves and mentioned that he has always wanted a pair, but he can’t find them in his size. I immediately made a mental note to knit some fingerless gloves for him.

After church, the girls went down to my parents’ house to help them decorate for Christmas. Jeff and I had lunch and then I worked on freelance for a few hours.

We picked the girls up, ate dinner, and now we’re home. 7:03. I’m yawning like someone who yawns a lot, but this is my B12 week so I’m about to turn right onto Open Eye Boulevard.

I smell like a Christmas tree, and in a few weeks I’ll smell like a lemon.

One year ago today I took a nap with Ramona Quimby, and I had no idea that she would be gone in less than two weeks.


Tomorrow is the final day of NaBloPoMo, and I promise to do better. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

8 thoughts on “The worst NaBloPoMo entry of the month is right here.”

  1. I fully agree with the above commenters; this too is compelling (in its own odd way)

    Ramona was a lucky kitty to have had you for her family — and you to have had the likes of her to nap with.

    That light at the end of the tunnel, Angie? It’s blindingly bright from here!


  2. November is my favorite month because you post every day. (And November doesn’t have a lot else to recommend it, in my book.) Even random posts like this one are better than no post at all; I love your writing.

  3. All your posts are nice to read. What you call “nothing to report” is actually something the rest of us find interesting. Maybe it’s our shallow lives, but I think it’s mostly that you’re a good writer and you entertain us.

    Maybe someday you would tell me how fingerless gloves keep your hands warm enough to bother with them. I can understand the advantage of fingerless gloves for using your phone or doing any number of other things while wearing them, but it just seems that if my fingers are cold it doesn’t matter that the rest of my hand is warm. How does that work? Sorry, it’s late. I’m obsessing about the gloves. I have a pattern for some and almost made them and then decided it would be a waste of time.

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