This isn’t about you. It’s all about me. Insert apology here. And also here.

Last week I took off my glasses and looked like this:

Today I put my glasses back on and I sort of looked like this:

I say “sort of” only because a branch of magic is happening in the photo that’s making my arms look like spaghetti. Capellini, even.

Speaking of magic, you may be asking yourself if I’ve experienced any wonderworks since the chop crop. The answer is mostly no, unless you break my life junk down into smaller pieces.

Example: I continue to spin for the Tour de Fleece. That’s not a big thing until you look a little closer and see the yarn I’ve completed so far.
Scottish Landscape


Today I ate a Mission Taco Joint Portobello Taco while talking to a friend about a book we’ve both read. Had you joined us, you would hear how our conversation quickly jumped into parallel universes and solipsism and never being able to see adequately through someone else’s window. (We also touched on causes that are important enough to blow oneself up over. Or, important enough over which to blow up oneself. Disclaimer: You have nothing to worry about if we find ourselves in a room together. No one needs to worry, really.)

My ear looks like this today:

After taking a friend for a piercing recently, I decided to reopen my ear holes. I immediately asked Jeff if, at 47,  I’ve gone too far. His answer included the word Subtle and he continues to put up with my blerghs and whizzes. Apparently, midlife is playing itself out on me with ink and holes. Why is my ear so red? Me, me, me, me, me. Tiresome, really.

Someday we need to talk about *my* potential sleep study and how *I* have been falling asleep in weird places (LIKE THE CAR) and how *I* think *my* brains may be leaking from *my* nose. (I’ve been watching a lot of Grey’s Anatomy. Also, my childhood dog (Digger) had CSF rhinorrhea and you never know what you can and cannot catch.)

On the way home from Mission Taco Joint, one of my favorite songs shuffled and it was perfect and it was this.
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13 thoughts on “This isn’t about you. It’s all about me. Insert apology here. And also here.”

  1. Angela,
    I haven’t seen your post lately. Glad to see you are adventuring on! I like the song you posted in your blog! Have a great week. Smiles…

  2. Though the idea is not new to me, the word is. Solipsism. (Thanks for that.)

  3. Please come to SF so we can go to an *actual* Mission taco joint. Like, in the Mission. I love your piercings. Subtle, no mumble.

  4. I love your piercings. Though I hope the red doesn’t mean they are hurting! I’m also super curious to know if you think your daith piercing has helped your migraines?

  5. Yay! Love that hairstyle on you. I wish I knew anything about spinning. I LOVE the yarn, but don’t know what taking a closer look tells me (though I COULD look at those photos for quite a while!)

  6. I had never heard of CSF rhinorrhea so thanks for adding another disease I can worry about potentially getting every time my nose runs. ;-)

  7. Now I kind of want to get a new part of my ear pierced. You make it look so classy and cool. When I grew my hair out for charity, I measured it every dang day. I hated it so much. Some times you are just a person who needs to have really short hair.

  8. I’m not sure exactly where I got lost, but that’s ok because that is becoming normal.

  9. There aren’t many women that can so effectively pull off short hair AND an ear doubling as a pin cushion. You are exceptional.

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