Won’t you be my neighbor?

The guy who lives next door is putting his house on the market. A family who lives down the road is putting their house on the market. Earlier this week I found myself eating a gluten-free chocolate torte, (drinking a beer), and discussing intentional communities with a good friend of mine who I will refer to as Sarah.

Okay. Intentional community conversation followed by two new open houses in my subdivision. This can only be seen as a sign from above. Cosmic Poetry.

Mission: I need to somehow attract some of My People to My Subdivision. (Note: Some of my people already live here. We’re off to a good start.) How do I attract more? Sarah suggested a rainbow pride flag, and that got me to thinking. (I don’t think I’ve ever said “That got me to thinking.” before.)

(Disclaimer: Some of you followed the intentional community link in Paragraph One and you immediately started telling yourself false stories about me being a stinky hippie who wants to live in the woods and drink the urine of three-legged dogs while smoking weed around a fire in the name of Goddess Gaia. When the final ember burns out it’s like musical chairs but with lots of crazy monkey sex and maybe I smell a little too much like patchouli and maybe a guy named Pegasus occasionally howls at the moon. This type of community is not (necessarily) what I’m envisioning. And why did I just use a parenthetical Necessarily? Because I can be okay with almost all of those things if someone else is doing my laundry in exchange for monthly cake balls. And maybe we have some pygmy goats. A good library. Netflix.)

I just made the firstĀ gentle-suggestion purchase intended to attract a wider demographic to my subdivision.

I will hang it, and I will also give equal time to a flag that goes a little something like this.

Finally, I made a few signs for the front yard.


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2 thoughts on “Won’t you be my neighbor?”

  1. I’m ok with a lot of things, but please don’t drink dog pee. That is nasty.

  2. My personal mantras:
    Do the Right Thing
    Kindness is its own reward.

    Too bad you don’t live out my way – I’m in an uber-blue area in Georgia! Decatur is the best!

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