Five Joys: The “5 Months Until Christmas” Edition

My Veggetti. I’ve been noodling up some zucchini, sautéing in a bit of olive oil, sprinkling on some Penzeys Mural of Flavor, tossing on a handful of tomatoes, and: Dreamy Dinner from My Veggetti! (You are the only one with a mind in the gutter right now.)

Similarly, refried beans. I heat up an entire can and give it the tomato treatment. BAM!


Thrift store jeans. I took the girls to a thrift store on Sunday. While there, I bought two pairs of used jeans. Had I bought them new, my total would have been around $150. BUT, because I’m not afraid of lingering crotch bugs, I paid only $12. I brought them home (where “them” = jeans), washed them (out, out, damn crotch bugs!), and cut and frayed the cuffs. Style!

The sky over the park. A farming family sold their land to the county and it’s currently being built into a park that lies within walking distance to our house—right across from the library. I love that we’re getting a park, I love that they’re leaving the silo right where it is, and I love when the sun and the clouds are like, “Check it. This is where you live!”


Marching band season. I’m sharing driving duties with another mom, which means I sometimes have 2-3 marching band kids in my car either going to or coming from their all day practice. These kids are the funniest/most clever kids. The way they play off of each other makes me wish the ride was more than just 20 minutes long.

(Side Note: A few weeks ago Meredith asked, “Can I get my nose pierced?” to which I  replied, “Will you continue to go to school and grow up to be a good citizen?” Her answer was yes so my answer was yes. I know a lot of parents who are like, “No on the face hole.” I think it helps that MY face hole hasn’t yet forced me to do drugs or vote outside of my comfort zone. I feel confident that hers won’t, either.)


8 thoughts on “Five Joys: The “5 Months Until Christmas” Edition”

  1. Do you have a special zucchini noodle machine? She looks adorable with a nose stud and appropriate for her age.

  2. I have bought many many MANYMANY pairs of thrifted jeans/shorts/etc. and never once did lingering crotch bugs occur to me. So thanks for that, Pudding. I’ll never be clean again!

  3. I am scared to start with the face holes yet for my kids, but I feel you are right about your girl–and it looks amazing!!! :)

  4. Yay on the face hole!!! That, and I know you took her to the proper place to have it done the right way.

  5. I love that you said “yes” to the nose piercing. My parents had been in Band Boosters for so long that when I graduated HS, they gave my parents the Life Time Achievement award for longest time as Band Boosters. I can see you being a great Band Booster.

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