I’m not even going to mention Mitt Romney. (Except I just did.)


Scout had a tumor removed from her left ear today. Last night we sat and told her what she could expect with surgery and recovery. She listened, but she refused to let our medical explanations bring her down. “Cauterization, schmauterization!” she laughed, before diving headfirst into a bowl of cheesy scrambled eggs. (It’s her favorite meal.) The surgery went well, we picked her up after the anesthesia wore off, and as I type this paragraph, she is sitting in the corner strung out on opiates and nerve blocks.


Speaking of being strung out, I’m in the midst of a medication change. The first step? Cut my current meds in half. I’ve done the half dose thing for a week now, and I feel like I have cobwebs wrapped around my brain, so it seems like art therapy is a good idea, thus I’ve been drawing and painting. This habit may stick.

Also, I’m not a fan of doing the whole selfie thing, and when I post photos of myself on Instagram, I usually cut off my face because it’s my face. Ah, but earlier this week I discovered that I can use filters to make my selfies look magical, so maybe I’m a selfie person after all. The word selfie appears four times in this paragraph, and that’s probably three or four times too many.

Here I am as a baby!

One more thing. I bought Kusama socks and then used photo editing stuff to throw my leg (and socks) into a Kusama room, and this is exactly how I want my life to be.

2 thoughts on “I’m not even going to mention Mitt Romney. (Except I just did.)”

  1. Yes, there’s Mitt,but the real name out just now is: “Mookie Betts”….. as fun as Kiki Vandeweghe, or Corki Ballas (of dance teacher fame) and…. so many others.

  2. The baby picture just scarred me for life. Where did you find that filter? Now I need to go scar other people for life!

    Also, I think the selfie issue is a big part of what separates Gen X women from Millennial women — There’s something deep within us that knows it’s inappropriate to take lots and lots of pictures of ourselves and post them online. Millennials curiously were born without this particular wisdom gene. I feel sad for them.

    Also, I love the drawings. They are a lovely addition to your blog post. So I’m selfishly hoping you discover that each day is not complete without a little ART THERAPY!

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