28 down. 3 to go.

1. I was unable to access my website earlier today because my username and password had somehow been changed. Understanding these issues and caring about them has become increasingly difficult for me. I just want to type, you know?

2. I’m all zonked on migraine meds right now yet I AM STILL HERE UPDATING THIS WEBSITE. Tenacity!

3. This morning Jeff and I had breakfast with friends. During breakfast, I told a very inappropriate joke. Sometimes I get all excited to have friends and suddenly I get nervous and I should probably retire my all-time favorite joke because every day finds it becoming less funny. BUT, the important takeaway? This morning Jeff and I had breakfast with friends. And (if you can ignore the joke) it was perfect.

4. I’m reading and listening to a book titled Do No Harm, and I AM IN. It’s all brain surgery and short stories. And so is my life, really.

5. This song is good for this time of this day.

He smells like Fritos.

Tonight was the final marching band competition of the season. Our band received the highest score of the night along with best music, best percussion, and best visual. I love every single thing about marching band, so I’m totally high right now on their final night wins. Hard work, dedication, and so forth.

This is how I’ll be spending the remainder of the evening.


Do you smell that? Could it be a bonfire?

This is a Russian Pumpkin, meaning it’s a White Russian made with fresh pumpkin syrup.


This is warm pumpkin bread pudding with pumpkin ice cream.


Today I am wearing this jacket.


The leaves are turning red, I’m back to twice daily hot tea, and I’ve been wearing my Jackson Hole hoodie to bed. Marching band season is winding down, I finished The Miniaturist this afternoon, and my Swing Left socks will be off the needles just in time to vote. Autumn. My favorite.

Shall we loosen a jar from the nose of a bear?


It’s local (to me) and each jar holds twelve ounces of raw wildflower honey and limitless amounts of sparkle and joy. Like water for chocolate.*

The honey is super dark (meaning full of antioxidants) and super sweet (meaning I’m no longer putting honey AND sugar into my tea).

Best of all, every bottle is bedecked with a black and white photo of me in a bee suit, and if you live in St. Louis I’ll sell some to you.

*(I don’t believe our subdivision allows beekeeping. The honey is from a local farm.)

Chopin had to start somewhere.

This afternoon I had access to a marimba, some sheet music, and a quiet house.

Suddenly I’m all sparked and it’s like giving a mouse a cookie, I suppose, because now I need to know how it feels to write my own music.

I Write The Songs

I’ll probably be performing my tunes on a big stage somewhere in 2020. I’ll be sure to share ticket info with you since you’ve been with me from the beginning.

And now I just sit in silence.

On Friday evening, Harper and I went to the Enterprise Center to see Twenty One Pilots. Jeff surprised us with the tickets on Tuesday night and Oh, So Much Joy. (The seats were amazing. We’re so lucky.)




Twenty One Pilots 10/18/18

I take pills to keep my brain (and transverse colon) working. As a result, I am physically incapable of crying. Ah, but when Twenty One Pilots sat down fairly close to us and played my favorite song? I felt lachrymosity.

And when the show was almost over and they played Leave the City?
My lip. It quivered.

Music definitely knows my shortcut.

So, you think I can dance?

Fluid Pudding was down yesterday, and when I say Fluid Pudding I mean this very website—not me. (I have been called “Pudding” before. A few people have asked, “Are you Fluid Pudding?” Honestly, I love when that happens because it makes me feel like Parker Posey.)

So, because the site was down, I wasn’t able to update, meaning I failed at my own personal NaBloPoMo. BUT, what if I update twice today? Would that make up for it? Here’s the beautiful thing: I didn’t give myself any rules. I rarely do, because I trust that I’ll do the right thing. Let’s see what happens.

Me: I’m trying to teach myself the marching band dance break.

Meredith: Why would you do that?

Me: Because I’m 48 and dependable and who knows when they might need me to step in?

Meredith: No.

Harper: Don’t ever do that again.

We’re not completely out of the woods with the site (or the use of clichés). I’ve been told I have to go into my site code and change some things.

Obstacle #1: Go into my site code. Obstacle #2: Change some things.

I’m giving myself three days.

Day One: Pretend I don’t have to figure out how to find my site code. Go to a marching band competition. Maybe eat a funnel cake.

Day Two: Make some hot tea and take some deep breaths and figure out how to go into my site code.

Day Three: Change some things.